Meet the Men Who Should Have Helped My Children

“Two court systems have heard the case. Both have agreed that the children need to be returned home.” -Bill Bannister in an interview with NBC News 4 Washington

No. No they have not heard our case. My husband is lying. They have not truly investigated this case, and they have not listened to my children. We have been given no voice; we have been shut down and condemned. Tried, convicted and sentenced without a proper hearing. Where in the world is my right to a fair trial?

This is a situation of court-appointed child abuse and I am furious over the lack of concern from the legal and judicial system on behalf of my children. I was aware of court-appointed child abuse happening to others around the country, but never thought it would actually happen to me and my children. I really believed my children would be given an opportunity to be heard, and that the despicable abusers would be investigated.

I am a fugitive from the law because I am guilty of fighting for the protection of my children.


Apparently that is now a crime, worthy of imprisonment. Yes, I broke the law of the land to flee with my children. But I will uphold the MORAL law of protecting the innocent!

What is this, a throwback to the Third Reich, where I have to be in hiding to keep my babies safe from evil men?

Before ever walking into the Stafford County Police Station to help my children report their abuse, I did my homework.

I spoke with seasoned advocates about the proper procedures and safety measures involved with abuse reporting, and researched our local government officials. I was advised to go directly to the Commonwealth Attorney’s office (known as District Attorney in many other states), which is what I did.

Stafford Commonwealth Attorney Eric Olsen did not even emerge to speak with us, even though we sat and waited for over an hour. His assistant sent us next-door to the police.

And we know how well THAT turned out.

My twelve-year-old daughter Janelle actually already had connections to the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office, after spending a week in their summer 2018 Junior Deputy Academy. She talked about how kind the officers were, and how much she learned. She thought Sheriff David Decatur was really nice and funny, even though she found his height a bit intimidating.

I tried to set up a meeting with Sheriff Decatur via a mutual friend, but he did not respond. So much for law enforcement caring about protecting their local children.

Former law enforcement and victim advocates inform me that the proper procedures were NOT followed with my children.

This infuriates me. It is absolutely outrageous.

No WONDER so many people never speak up about hidden abuse! The experts ASSURE us that if we report, our children will be treated with care and compassion and their case treated seriously. But THIS is what ACTUALLY happens!

Clearly Stafford County Police (along with most police across the country) are ill-equipped to deal with child abuse cases.

Commonwealth Attorney Eric Olsen should have assessed the validity of my children’s case, and ensured that the abusers were properly investigated and prosecuted.

We should have immediately been given a protective order in order to safeguard us while the police investigated each of the men. They should have obtained search warrants, sealed the crime scene, and brought in a team to collect forensic evidence.

Each of my children should have been given a thorough, videotaped forensic interview at a children’s justice center, where they would have been assigned a victim advocate. They should have been examined physically, by a caring expert medical professional, to find physical evidence of abuse.

If the police officers had any associations with ANY of the men who abused my children, they should have been removed from the case. They now need to be investigated by the FBI for their egregious mismanagement of the situation.

My husband William Joseph Bannister should NOT have been allowed to shut off our funds in order to starve us out of hiding. That move was illegal.

Technically we are “in hiding” for our own safety… but not exactly. I am taking an enormous risk of exposure to demand justice for my children. No mother ever wants to endure this; hiding in silence is easier than going public, what with a warrant on my head and all. The decision-making process of what to do next has been absolutely agonizing.

They will attempt to silence my voice, the voice of a mother who will do anything necessary to fight for her children.

My reliance is on God for the safety of us and our beloved advocate heroes; with each step I continue to trust in His provision. We are well-cared for and we are certainly not part of any religious cult organization (Detective ‘Wright’, you are WRONG about that!).

Thank you to ALL of you dear ones who have offered to help us, and who continue to stand by us as the media spreads their stupid, disgusting lies across the country.

Genevieve, Janelle, Vivienne, and Peter are utterly insulted by the mainstream news media, as am I. They are spreading propaganda, not the truth about what we are really going through. We have been in hiding for six months and only NOW they are reporting me and my kids as missing?

Yeah, that’s because I called out the abusers and law enforcement publicly. Now the U.S. Marshals are after us: to shut us up, send me to prison, and send my children back to the pedophile abusers.

So much for the land of the free and the home of the brave, with liberty and justice for all.

32 thoughts on “Meet the Men Who Should Have Helped My Children

  1. I can truly relate to your frustration. My ex husband assaulted our son on his 16th birthday. The E.R reported to the police and CPS. He was charged with 3 felonies and a misdemeanor, only to have the Commonwealth drop all 3 felonies. This was AFTER cps had closed their investigation as “founded” and he was entered into the registry as a level 1 (which is the worst) and will remain on the registry for the next 18 years. The Commonwealth has the CPS report, the E.R report, photos taken by the officer, a recorded statement from my son, in addition to the officers statement as to the evidence and yet she still chose to DROP ALL THE CHARGES except 1 minor misdemeanor that she she likely end of dropping as well. Speechless is an understatement, and I clearly see and understand why nobody wants to report abuse, because it’s not taken serious whatsoever

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  2. “What is this, a throwback to the Third Reich, where I have to be in hiding to keep my babies safe from evil men?”

    Melody — I sorry to tell you that this is not just a ‘throwback’ to the Third Reich. It’s not just an odd aberration. It is actually fairly common but the main stream media keeps it hidden.

    Many senior Nazis were invited to come to the USA by the US government after the Second Word War. The program of bringing Nazi scientists and other senior Nazi officials to the US was called Operation Paperclip. This happened in the UK and Australia too. (In Australia it was called Operation Matchbox.)

    The Nazis scientists infiltrated the CIA and other major institutions. They are embedded in Masonic Lodges as well. They are also embedded in mainstream Christian churches.They used torture based mind control on children to turn the children into mind controlled slaves. The torture includes horrific sexual abuse. Satan worship is often part of this as well.

    I believe your kids were being abused by a nest of pedos who in some way or other are connected with what I have just described.

    The evildoers have manipulated their way into all major institutions in the USA including but not limited to the police services, courts, government, mainstream media, heath and human services, Child Protection, adoption agencies, the FBI and most of all the CIA. Not every person in those institutions I have named is corrupt, but some are and the corrupt ones are skilled at getting promoted to the top. There are also people in those institutions who, even if they are not deeply corrupt, are compromised or intimidated or controlled in some way by the psychopaths at the top. Some are living in fear of their lives because they know if they speak out or do not toe they line they or their loved ones will be the next targets of the psychopaths.

    I am sorry to give you this bleak picture. I have been studying this field (heinous child abuse and child trafficking) for a long time. What I have talked about is not ‘conspiracy theory’ it is conspiracy FACT. There are so many testimonies from survivors — from all over the world.

    I am praying for you and sharing your testimony. I totally believe you.


  3. Melody, I was wondering if we could set up a time to pray together. I’ve done this in the past when there was an issue or something that needed attention ( my mother actually started) it enabled us to pray about a specific situation together at the same time even though we weren’t physically in the same area. I’m eastern time zone. And starting this coming monday every night @ 10:40 pm (while I’m driving to work) I will be praying and conversing with God, to give you clarity, and peace. To bind your eyes and ears to the hurtful, to guide your focus to him and (this is just me) to fuel your righteous indignation to keep propelling you forward to bring justice and safety to your children. Anyone that wants to join me at the appointed time feel free, pray what is layed on your heart. It says where there are 2 in agreeance there is a congregation. The power of prayer has been scientifically proven. This is THE only thing I can think to do to help you at this point. I hope your not offended or anything. Just know 10: 40 pm every evening will be specifically for you and your children! I wish there was a way to help you more.

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  4. Continued prayers and support for you! You are brave, and you are a great mom! Keep fighting for those children – the truth will win eventually! There are so many people who believe you! ❤️🙏🏼

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  5. I tweeted Nancy Grace the link to your blog, couldn’t find an email address for her. She is a national victim’s right advocate and has had Dr. Carol Lieberman on her show many times. It is maddening that your children are being victimized by the very justice system that should be protecting them. I continue to pray for the safety of your family. Keep fighting. Keep telling their story. #BannisterChildrenStrong

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    1. I would caution everyone to not assume that just because a show has you as a guest: Nancy Grace and Dr. Liebermen, that the Host is a safe person.
      For example, Oprah: Luciferian, yet plays New Age Christian, procured young women for Harvey Weinstein.
      Luciferians live a double-life, ALWAYS. It is part and parcel of their religion. Deception. Duality. Luciferians = the underground REAL satanists, ritual abuse, mind-control, animal and human sacrifice.
      I am a survivor. Be careful who you follow.
      I’m sure Dr. Lieberman has thought of who she could possibly trust with this story.
      Mainstream Media is NOT a safe bet.

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  6. Madi and I are sending you and the children so much love! You are so strong, you have a HUGE team of people standing behind you. We hope you can feel our love embracing you. ♥️

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  7. Granted these are very serious and outlandish allegations, but with as many cases as we’ve seen of outrageous court and community failure when it comes to child sexual abuse (Catholic diocese, Southern Baptist Convention, Jerry Sandusky, R Kelly, Larry Nassar) it should not be discounted based solely on interviews.

    The options are these:

    – Mom has extreme delusions and mental health issues that have never been identified, diagnosed or treated, and were not detected in her forensic interview
    – Mom is boldly lying (for what motive, exactly?) and doing a very poor job of it by providing such specific details that could be debunked by basic medical exams
    – Mom and kids are telling the truth and court systems have egregiously failed here

    Guess which one is hands down the most statistically and logically probable?

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    1. Ty, just takes 2. This is terrifying how this can happen. Not the abuse, that’s happened since the beginning of time. The controlling of the facts, im !so horrified of what will happen to this family if any of us stop asking the questions that need asking, prayer is all I can come up with their is ferocious power in prayer!

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  8. Sending my love support and prayers to you and your children. Know u have a safe haven with my family in Canada if there was a way to get u here safely. I believe u could fight these evil men and the failing justice system in safety outside of the states. Stay strong mama bear! U are fierce and u are just in keeping your children safe ❤️


  9. Hey I commented this on part two but I want to say it again, I’m your 13 year old’s friend from 7th grade, tell her I’m the red head with the deck of cards that sat next to her at lunch, she’ll know who I am. I just wanted to say I miss her she is a great friend and I had no clue that this was happening I saw her in the news my heart dropped I almost started crying. I thought she moved schools she and non of you deserve this. I know it’s a bit early but please tell her I said happy birthday, I really do miss her she was a really good friend, it hurts me to know that such a sweet and nice girl had to go through this I feel so sorry for you guys, I want you guys to know that I have never preyed harder than I have for this, please stay safe guys, again please tell her I said “hey” and “happy birthday” (I am using a fake email FYI)

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  10. Idk if you saw the comment I just posted but it’s not showing up for me and I need you to see it so sorry if I’m repeating myself: hey, I’m your 13 year old’s friend from 7th grade, tell her I’m the red head with the deck of cards that say next to her at lunch, I had no clue this was happening to you guys I’m so sorry, tell her I miss her and I thought she just moved schools or something. When I saw her in the news my heart dropped I’m almost broke out in tears, I would have if I was not in public. She was a amazing friend she was vary kind and nice she was just a good friend shed listen and give feed back, she was everything you could ask for in a friend. I never thought that this stuff would happen to her I can’t believe it, it hurts me to read about. I know it’s a little early but, tell her I said happy birthday. I’m so sorry for all of you. I have so much to say to her that I now can’t, thinking of this stuff makes me cry. I don’t know what else to say she was just such a nice girl I can’t believe all of this is happening. Again please tell her I said happy birthday and also that I said hey. Thank you so so much

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    1. To the red-head kid from 7th grade:

      Thank you so much for your heartbreaking comments. I don’t think I have ever been so moved by something like that before. I felt like my heart was crying inside me as I read the amazing words you wrote. You were an awesome friend to me. I loved playing poker with you and peasants.😉 I have actually been teaching my younger siblings( I have my own peasants you know 😉) the game and they love it. Their favorite part is betting with blades of grass😄

      Sometimes I felt hollow and unwanted. Like I was trudging through hell. But when I was with you I felt like I was in heaven. I felt not only wanted but appreciated and cared for. All the empty hollow places in me filled up with a beautiful comforting light and my hell burned away before my eyes at least for that moment. I’m so happy that you valued me so much as you’re friend. You meant and mean so much to me.

      l want you to know that I’m alright. I’m not being suspended over the edge of a bridge, frantically writing my last words or something like that. I’m currently lounging on a living room couch with a belly full of cookie dough(probably should have NOT eaten so much of that stuff. Definitely going to pay for that one later.🚽😉)

      l miss you to and I hope l can see you again someday. If you would permit it I would love to give you a very big hug🤗 and I promise to do my very best to not to sob all over you like a complete nincompoop.😭 I hope you guys are alright and enjoying school 😏 (btw homeschooling is awesome. No waking up super early! I can finally sleep in!😊)

      Thank you for wishing me happy birthday. That means a lot. Please stay safe. I love you and all my friends back home️


  11. “I BELIEVE MY CHILDREN!!” Melody, I believe them too. Your story is articulate and credible. Tragically it’s also way too similar to so many of the stories we’ve seen far too often that are also ignored. The testimony of children should never just be ignored. But it often is, especially by those who are charged with protecting the citizens — the so-called “authorities.” They too often ignore our cries for help until the evidence piles up to the point where it can’t be ignored any longer. But in the meantime the abuse continues. The authorities cannot be trusted to do the right thing. So never trust them. Don’t trust anyone, especially the media. They’ll turn you in in a heartbeat. You’re doing the right thing, the only thing you really can do, relying on yourself and the good will of others who want to help. But be reasonably cautious about who you turn to for help.

    Cease blogging or even checking your blog(s), Facebook, email account(s), etc. until you’ve implemented my tech tips (below). Technology can be your friend, but only if you know what you’re doing with it (most people don’t). Destroy your phone since it can be easily “pinged” and your location triangulated (merely turning your phone off isn’t adequate — you’ll have to pull the SIM card out and destroy it). Have a friend buy you a prepaid “burner” phone for cash (someplace other than Walmart — too much video surveillance), preferably a smart phone so you can install Signal (free encrypted voice, text, video).

    More than likely the FBI (who will be working in concert with the US Marshall Service) has or shortly will be issuing a subpoena to WordPress, Facebook, your email provider(s), etc. for your IP address info. With that they can track down your general (but likely not specific) location. To thwart that have a trusted friend set up a no logging VPN service (e.g. PIA, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, etc). Once you have your VPN service never use any internet service without it. Then set up an encrypted email account (such as from the free email service I use). I have more Edward Snowden-ish tips. Feel free to email me (after you do what I’ve instructed).

    Don’t use credit cards. Cash only. Get rid of the car. That’s the first thing law enforcement will be looking for. Change your appearance (at the very least dye your hair and maybe the kids’ too). When you go out in public avoid taking the kids with you since they’re looking for a woman with four young children. With the US Marshall Service on the hunt it puts you in greater peril. They have considerable resources at their disposal, though not much manpower (they rely heavily on local law enforcement to keep an eye out for them). So you really need to stay in the shadows and cover your tracks, especially with that Amber alert now out.

    You and the kids are in my prayers.

    How To Disappear

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  12. I just wanted you and the children to know that I am in regular prayer for you! The power of the human spirit to overcome such horrors amazes me. I hope and pray that you all know God Almighty, the Loving Lord and Father, is real. I pray His hand is protecting and guiding you. Hiding you. Sadly, I know these sweet children know Satan is real. May God heal them in every way- body, soul & mind. I wish I could hug them and you, Melody.

    Stay strong, Mama! The restraint of evil in this world is getting less and less. More people are going through horrific tortures and living hell on earth. But God is on His throne! Please keep trusting Him. James 1. Do not doubt, no matter what circumstances look like!

    Set up your children with ways & means to escape, if anything happens to you all. Your own connections & underground railroad. But stay strong through it all. Keep your mind steady.

    I’m sure there are hundreds of Moms who can’t keep your situation off of our hearts. May we all remain steadfast in prayer, praying for you. God be with you!


  13. I am sure that you have thought of this but be sure to document on video the details, as horrible as they are. The video of the “Hempstead Children” has made a giant impact on society. The satanist rely on secrecy. They are terrified of the truth. Good luck! You are a hero mother.


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